Iconosoft Solutions is an IT Consulting, Software Development and IT Solutions provider dedicated to one stop solution for all kinds of Information Technology requirements. Iconosoft along with its portfolio of venture caters to a wide range of industries to a global clientele. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and top of the industry services along with highest quality deliverables. We have a highly efficient and wide spread network of experts, which enables us to be on the competitive edge of globalization and ever-changing work environment. We are proud and honored to have highly effective, intellectual and knowledgeable teams of associates dedicated to provide innovative approach to achieve the prime objectives and deliver the scalable, reliable and the highest value solutions.   










Innovation & Automation

Iconosoft Solutions believes in innovation over reinventing the wheel and continually seeks excellence in the business process management. Since automation is the heart of the digital transformation for modern technology, Iconosoft Solutions provides the synergetic solutions combining emerging and innovative technologies. Iconosoft Solutions has helped many businesses to lead the market through implementation of the top business automation solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA), and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. Iconosoft Solutions helps businesses envisage the future through the implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions, which enables them to achieve not only first-mover advantage in the industry, but also the sustainable business process management solutions.

Maintenance & Support

Iconosoft Solutions always designs and implements the solutions that are scalable and sustainable. Since we always put our best endeavors through our motivated individuals with the support they need and trusting them to get the job done, we can ensure you that we can run your IT operations smoothly and cost-effectively. Iconosoft Solutions can help implement the best monitoring and reporting solutions in the industry so that any unforeseen outages are addressed instantly, most of the time even before they occur. Iconosoft Solutions recognizes that the best work emerges from self-organized teams; our teams of engineers are well versed to run predictive diagnostics solutions and business analytics processes continuously, thereby fixing the issues proactively without any disruptions with the use of disruptive technology.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our business process outsourcing solutions enable companies to effectively reduce costs and help preserve supplies and investments without compromising business and market goals. Iconosoft Solutions never leaves any stones unturned in the discharge of duties, thus ensuring the best quality products and simple to use business process solutions. Iconosoft Solutions believes in win-win-win solutions for all the stakeholders and would love to grow together. We are open to any partnership opportunities. As your partner, our experienced and well-versed team makes it possible for you to focus more on your company goals and investments. We complement your own resources and become your trusted business partner for the global outreach. Our continuous dedication towards high-quality, scalable, and sustainable approaches makes our outsourcing the best for your business needs. Iconosoft Solutions always keeps the focus on maintaining and delivering the steady value of your company’s products and services, hence increasing your productivity and revenues year after year.

Consulting Services

Iconosoft Solutions has years of experience in designing and implementing Next Generation Solutions of the industry and can leverage the same experience to design and implement NextGen solutions for any new business endeavors it undertakes. Iconosoft Solutions provides future-proofed solutions and architecture so that you can focus more on your core businesses than worrying about the future technology. Let us take care of your Information Technology requirements and we guarantee you to provide the best solutions in the industry.